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Clean code

HTML5 and CSS3 made live of web developers easier than ever. Welcome to the world where less code and less files required. “Simpliste” has different skins and all of them are created with no images for styling at all.

Template contains CSS-reset based on the reset file from HTML5 boilerplate which makes appearens of “Simpliste” skins consistent in different browsers.

Print styles and styles for mobile devices are already included in the stylesheet.

Responsive markup

You know that now it's time to think more about your users with mobile devices. This template will make your site respond to your client's browser with no effort on your part.

Multi-column layout becomes one column for viewers with tablets, navigation elements become bigger for users with smartphones. And your desktop browser users will see just a normal web site.

Try changing the width of your browser window and you'll see how “Simpliste” works.

Easy to use

“Simpliste” is not a template for a CMS. You can use its code right away after downloading without reading any documentation. Place your content, make customisations and voilà the site is ready to upload to the server.

All content management can be done by using existing sample blocks and styles. Almost every template style is represented among samples. Off course you can create your own styles, which is easy as well.

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